Tree Fruit

Better Arrivals With Maxco Packaging

Maxco Tree Fruit Boxes are the strongest corrugated containers on the market. These 100% recyclable containers utilize non-waxed renewable paper and water based inks, which have the highest recycled value of any Fresh Tree Fruit containers in use today.

Maxco provides a full line of packaging options for Tree Fruit. These include containers for Tray Packing, Bag Packing, Club Store Packing, Clamshell Packing, Volume Filling or any other package configuration that is required by the retailer, including all Private Label design requirements.

Plus, when you get our tree fruit boxes, you also get Maxco’s famous Customer Service. Our service is the best in the business – MAXCO will never let a grower run out of boxes! We run our own Maxco assembly equipment 24-7 and you will always receive your boxes on time to make your commitment to the Retailer or Club Store.

Strongest Corrugated Tree Fruit containers on the market
100% Recyclable Materials, no wax, water based inks
Water Die Cut Ends require less energy and save on paper waste
Better service to the Tree Fruit Packer
Top quality printing in all designs
Custom design and graphics available for special projects
Qualified Staff of professional Packaging Technicians and Engineers
Graphic Services Available at Maxco’s In-house Graphics Design Center