Maxco receives certification from California Air Resource Board

Parlier, CA, April 29, 2015.  Maxco today announced that they have received certification from California Air Resource Board (ARB) complying with the diesel risk reduction program and complying with Maxco forward thinking and Go Green program.

Having an ARB compliant fleet shows that MAXCO cares about the environment and minimizing our environmental foot print.  MAXCO has heavily invested in a modern and reliable fleet addressing MAXCO’s safety policy and commitment to the community and the environment.  As part of MAXCO’s ongoing environmental initiative, MAXCO will be 100% compliant with ARB by January 2016.

“Environmentally responsible behavior is good for corporate America:  it’s smart ecology and smart economics,’ said Mark Flaming, VP and COO of MAXCO. “Not only are we thinking forward, we are committed to the safety of our associates and customer experience. Thank You to our partners, and every one of our employees, for their excellence in making business-friendly environmentalism a reality.  There is no downside to being friendly to the planet.”

About Maxco Supply, Inc.

For over three decades, Maxco has been an innovator in packaging design and manufacturing. Looking toward the future and listening to our customers has made us a leader in the packaging industry. We constantly strive to improve our products while keeping pace with industry trends and technological advances, and we are proud of our record of achievement and customer service.