Max Plastiks

MaxPlastiks is a new Sustainable Packaging option in plastic containers that is suitable for such commodities as strawberries, grapes, and asparagus.FEATURES
> 100% Recyclable and 100% Virgin Plastic
> Creates revenue as recycled value. No cost to have hauled away as trash
> No hazardous substances
> Unopened KD material guaranteed for 24 months after purchase
> Made of polypropylene blue/white
> No moisture or gas absorption
> Material hardens and becomes rigid in cold storage
> Available in Six Down, Euro Handfold, and Australian sizes
> Contains 2% U.V. inhibitor for sunlight protection
> Recommended storing with racks or stilts
> Plastic top sheets recommended for use when double stacking pallets in cold storage with fruit
> Recommended as an alternative for Styrofoam containers
> Wraps 4mm, weight 750 GSM, 580 per pallet
> Ends 7mm, weight 1700 GSM, 50/bundle, 2 bands/bundle, 2400 units per pallet
> Assembly on Maxco bliss machines at 20 per minute minimum
> Custom plastic hot melt glue exclusively designed for Maxco bliss formers