LTS Green

For Long Term Storage of commodities such as grapes, Maxco’s LTS system is the Sustainable Packaging alternative to EPS or Hard Plastic Containers. The LTS is a 100% recyclable container coated with our water-based treatment, which makes the box durable in high humidity conditions and provides safe product storage for as long as is required.As part of Maxco’s commitment to sustainable packaging, the LTS maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials. For export uses, our LTS system has been approved by the USDA for shipment to the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

> 100% Recyclable
> Creates revenue as recycled value. No cost to have hauled away as trash
> Created and established in 2005
> White inside
> Printable outside
> Three color basic printing available
> Wet Strength mediums and liners
> Accepted for export by USDA/APHIS Protocol
> Recommended as an alternative for Styrofoam containers for export and domestic use
> Available in Five Down and Six Down configurations