Better Arrivals With Maxco Packaging

Maxco Grape Boxes are the strongest corrugated containers on the market. These 100% recyclable containers utilize non-waxed renewable paper and water based inks, which have the highest recycled value of any Fresh Table Grape containers in use today.

For Long Term Storage containers for grapes, Maxco’s LTS system is the Sustainable Packaging alternative to EPS or Hard Plastic Containers. The LTS is a 100% recyclable container coated with our water-based Maxguard treatment, which makes the box durable in high humidity conditions and provides safe product storage for as long as is required.

As part of Maxco’s commitment to sustainable packaging, the LTS maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials. For export uses, our LTS system has been approved by the USDA for shipment to the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

MAXCO also provides the grape grower with clamshell boxes and bag boxes in any size that is required by Retailers and Club Stores, including all Private Label Design requirements.

Need package graphics? Maxco’s In-House Graphic Design Center is available to all of our customers. Our state of the art design and print capabilities produce a customized container with complete graphics to your specifications. Whatever your packaging needs, Maxco will quickly and efficiently customize your box at every step of the design, production and distribution process.

Plus, when you get our grape boxes, you also get Maxco’s famous Customer Service. We run our own Maxco assembly equipment 24-7. Our goals are to provide the best customer service so you will receive your boxes on time to make your commitment to the receiver.

Strongest Corrugated Grape Box on the Market
100% Recyclable Materials, no wax, water based inks
Water Die Cut Ends require less energy and save on paper waste
Better service to the Table Grape grower
Top quality printing on all designs
Custom design and graphics available for special projects
Qualified Staff of Packaging Technicians and engineers