While a student at California State University Fresno, Maxco’s founder and CEO Max Flaming started in the packaging business by gluing labels on wooden boxes, then the container of choice for the fruit industry. Flaming founded Maxco Supply, Inc. in 1972 and has been providing packaging solutions to the agricultural industry ever since. Located in the San Joaquin Valley, Maxco became a major supplier of grape and tree fruit packaging.

Starting with wooden veneer grape containers in the 70s, Maxco segued into corrugated during the 1980s as the industry moved in that direction, and has continued to expand its services to a wide range of fresh produce commodities. Maxco’s focus on one market has been a predominant reason for its success.

In 1978, Maxco opened their machinery division to build erectors for the boxes they sold. Within two years, they were selling to customers throughout the United States. The bliss box erectors are used primarily for fruit packaging, while the tray and RSC erectors are sold to many industries.


Maxco’s innovation has played a major role in the company’s growth. By listening to customer needs and concerns, Maxco has developed such packaging advances as the Quad-Wall box, the MX Convertible lid, and the LTS (Long Term Storage) system with Maxguard recyclable protective coating, a sustainable alternative to standard long-term packaging. As we design and field-test experimental prototypes, we consult with our customers and help them navigate the requirements of current packaging regulations.


Flaming credits the people who make the day-to-day decisions for the success of Maxco. With a staff of more than 400 people during peak production, Maxco’s philosophy is a strong and sound one: “We hire the best, let them do what they do best and grow,” says Flaming. While being proud of Maxco’s independence, Flaming is also grateful for the many close friendships and associations that he has gained from nearly four decades of working with people from integrated companies. Maxco has also made an impact within the community of the Central Valley, as an active supporter of Children’s Hospital of Central California and the Ronald McDonald House.